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Real Estate Turkey – Istanbul Real Estate – Popular Districts!

Property for Sale in Istanbul

There are quite alot of houses in Istanbul waiting for sale. Lets look at the numbers:

  1. In January 2019, compared to the same period last year, housing prices increased by 2.79%
  2. 46% of residential sales were held in 1 + 1 homes, 37% in 2 + 1 homes, 11% in 4 + 1 homes in 2018
  3. In January 2019, housing sales decreased by 24.8% in Turkey over the previous year.

Buy House in Istanbul – but where?

Best places to buy a house in Istanbul:

1. Maslak (Business District):

  1. Maslak is the main business area in Istanbul. Maslak is at the central area of european side in Istanbul.
  2. There are alot of white collar employees who prefer to stay in residences in Maslak area. It increases the rent prices and makes the area one of the best places to buy a house for investment.
  3. M2 Yenikapı – Hacıosman metro line is the main metro line in Istanbul. ITU Maslak metro station is on this line.
  4. There are very good residence compounds with good social amenities, such as: Mashattan, Agaoglu 1453, Eclipse, Vadi Istanbul, My Home etc.

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2. Esenyurt – Büyükçekmece – Beylikdüzü:

  1. These 3 districts are also popular among foreigners who buy houses in Istanbul
  2. Main reason of the popularity is cheap prices.
  3. These districts are at european side but not close to central areas. There are alot of new constructions at these districts.

property for sale

3. Zeytinburnu:

  1. Zeytinburnu is known with its cost line. There are many residences with sea view. These residence are known with its luxury and high prices.

One of the Best Residence by the Sea. Pruva 34 Residence >>

4. Şişli:

  1. It is a central location like Maslak district.
  2. Şişli is next to Taksim – Beyoğlu, popular turist location.
  3. There are quite alot of hospitals and hotels at Şişli.
  4. Bomonti area is new construction area at Şişli.


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